Lev Yashin was a true football revolutionary, who transformed the way people viewed the goalkeepers position.
Kitted out in all-black, Yashin was christened the "Black Spider" and foiled an estimated 150 penalty attempts during an illustrious 22-year career.
In 1963 he became the only goalkeeper ever to win the European Footballer of the Year Award. One of his best performances was the FA Centenary match of that year, when he appeared in the ‘Rest of the World XI’ against England at Wembley and made a number of breathtaking and almost unbelievable saves that cemented his status.

Oozing charisma and talent in abundance, Yashin pioneered a new approach to goalkeeping and his legacy lives on through every stopper playing football today; commanding the area, communicating with the defence, punching away clearances and early distribution are commonplace now because of the Soviet Union legend. Yashin was, and remains, in the words of the great Eusebio, "the peerless goalkeeper of the century".