Cervena Zvezda, 'Red Star' Belgrade, is the most successful Serbian team in history, with a record of 25 national championships and 23 cups. And they are the only Eastern European team to have ever been European and world champions. Although it was certain that transfers of at least several of the players would happen, the war in the Balkans accelerated the process, which would, only thirteen months after the victory in Bari, practically decimate the entire Red Star squad.

In 1991, following Red Star's success, Savićević came joint second in the voting for the Ballon d'Or, and a move to AC Milan quickly followed.
His nimble footwork and ability to change direction at pace marked him out as one of the most graceful footballers of his generation. He had great vision but if a pass didn't exist, it was Savicevic’s dribbling that allowed him to find a way through defenses which seemed impregnable.