Hi, my name is James. Founder and a proud owner of 1nil

My family would say that I'm a football supporter, however scanning through the English dictionary I find the definition of a football supporter 'a person who supports a particular football team'

I can declare, I am not a football supporter. I am much more than that, I am a football admirer, devotee, enthusiast, supporter and a fan - on a border of a fanatic


Football is my religion, the only subject you can test me on anytime of the day or night where my answers would get A* grade

After working for big companies in a printing industry for many years, I have decided to work on my own dream and share my passion of football with others


And that's how 1nil was born, in 2010 in my office. I bought my first heat press and I started making football shirts for friends and family, all equally enthusiastic about football, or at least the male members of the family, female members not so keen


The word started to spread, fast forward 9 years and here I am sharing my passion with you.

The glorious game and the legends within have inspired me to create a classic style of shirts with a modern twist
Delving a little deeper into the world of football to remember the clubs, the players, the tournaments, even the iconic sponsors

All the shirts are produced in England and each is individually hand crafted using Xpres digital transfer and vinyl systems 



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