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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lazio - Aquile.

Lazio's traditional club badge and symbol is the eagle, which was chosen by founding member Luigi Bigiarelli, in 1900. It is an acknowledgment to the emblem of the ellenic Zeus (the god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology) commonly known as the Aquila; Lazio's use of the symbol has led to two of their nicknames; le Aquile (the Eagles) and Aquilotti (Young Eagles).

Lazio's colours of sky blue and white were inspired by the national flag of Greece. Due to the fact that Lazio is a mixed sports club it was inspired and in recognition of the Ancient Olympic Games. 
Recently the club bought an American bald eagle, from Benfica, copying a tradition employed for decades by the Lisbon side, and the fans came up with the name 'Olympia' for the bird. 

Even the mascots of fierce rivals Roma and Lazio clash; Lazio's eagle is the sacred animal of Jupiter, while Roma's symbol is the wolf, the animal associated with Mars, the god war.

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